A Foolish Harmony


Artist statement

Foolish harmony or how lithomancy helped me understand quantum theory and life’s greater mysteries.

This body of work was started or discovered while I was on an artist residency in Sweden in 2022. I began working, reductively on top of my existing process using cement and pigments, here I edited the original abstract surfaces and started reducing the work into portals /stones /shards creating windows into the innerverse of my soul (echoing my practice started in 2018).

Immediately this reminded me of a form of divination (lithomancy,) the art of meditating on the surface of stones, noticing the way light falls to predict the future or ask help with life’s great mysteries, a ancient form tarot reading mainly practiced in the British isles, but has also been part of native American shamanism practice, ancient man new full well that objects from the natural world embodied all of the universe life energy here and now (quantum theory). There is archeological evidence that in ancient Armenia this practice of reading the layout of the stones/shards, one could not only foresee the future but change its course by rearranging the format or pattern that had been thrown into, in connection to a specific question asked by the attendee.

These paintings feel as if they are a pathways to consider and reflect on away from daily life, they hold a spiritual essence, a connection we are in danger of losing through our modern life, the moment of stillness where intuitive wisdom and creative inspiration show itself, the place where I feel I dance in abandon.

While listening to a foolish harmony.