Artist statement

This is an invitation to enter my world, to navigate the surface, translate the mark-making; all of it born out of the past twelve months. From lockdown to a feeling of locked out.

Instinctively the choice of experimenting with concrete, graphite and charcoal reflected the mood of the time: slowmoving, rigid and unyielding. Yet by working in gentle thin layers of slurry and pigment, I feel I captured a translucency, a light into the work.

I later realised that the work was a reflection of how the year changed me and my inner-verse: having to let go of daily expectations and long term ambitions. Slowing down, becoming more focused and interrogating the surface during a time when concentration was in short supply. Each mark tells of a hard-fought decision.

The interventions of blue pigment act as a portal we can all recognise. This is the invitation to glide across and into the work, finding elements that resonate and reveal memories and unnamed feelings. Let go and discover your own narrative. Once we give name to what we don’t understand, only then can we comprehend and navigate our emotions.